Agrosfera agro-park is located on the Aguascalientes-Zacatecas area of Highway 45 North, between the municipality of Rincon de Romos and the municipality of Cosio, both in the state of Aguascalientes, Mexico, considered one of the most prosperous and safe states both in the Bajío region and in the country.

The park has a total area of approximately 300 hectares. As a whole, the Agrósfera offer includes lots for agro-industrial use; high technology greenhouses and fish farming activity; logistics area and distribution center as well as commercial area, services and offices.

Summary of the property

Approximately 300 hectares of land.

Enough water capacity and quality to supply the park.

Electricity available through underground power lines. Power substation within the park.

Natural gas available at each lot.

Private security 24/7 in addition to a perimeter fence surrounding the entire property, and a guard house at the entrance to the park.

Reinforced concrete roads (250 kg/cm2) 18 cm (7″) thickness with a load capacity of 7 Tons/m2.

Waste water treatment plant.

Local public transportation.

Direct access to the Pan-American Highway

Fiber optic cable and telephone.

The state of Aguascalientes has skilled labor, easy to train and adapt to new technologies. There is currently an economically-active work force of 560,000 people at state level. The municipalities of Cosio and Rincon de Romos have a combined work force of 45,000 people.